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Monday, November 26, 2012

Wrong on A Number of Levels

If you have ever lived in the South with high humidity and relatively elevated temperatures for most of the year, you know about roaches...they breed faster than rabbits and infest just about any living space they can find. Move your refrigerator to get something behind there? You'll find roaches. Turn the lights on suddenly at'll find roaches scurrying to get back to their hidey holes while you scream and wish you'd put slippers on. Almost impossible to get rid of, these varmints are some of the most disgusting to be found. Find me a person who likes cockroaches, and I'll show you someone anxious to live the rest of his or her life (however long that may be) alone. Such was the case with Edward Archibald of Deerfield Beach, Florida.
The story is several months old, but for some reason has made another appearance...maybe Cyber Monday wasn't a big enough story, or maybe the BBC just missed it back in October when it occurred. Anyway...
Archibald was the winner of an eating contest sponsored by a Deerfield Beach pet store. The prize? A python. really. As if anyone would want something that could squeeze the life out of him or her (except, perhaps an amorous paramour). In order to "win" the snake, Archibald had to defeat almost 30 other competitors by eating the most cockroaches. yes. eating.
Archibald won but ultimately lost; moments after being declared the winner (no word on the winning total), Archibald collapsed and died, choked to death, according to the Broward County coroner, "with an airway obstructed by arthropod body parts."
Like other participants, Archibald had signed a disclaimer stating that he knew that what he was doing was a bit "unorthodox" and assigning any consequences strictly to himself.
He got those, all right.


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