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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Clothes Make the Person?

At this point in the election cycle, I have been attempting to focus on things nobody else has noticed or written about in a letter to the editor or to be read from the pulpit...actually, I skipped church last week to avoid walking out on a letter from our religious leader implying that I should vote a certain way (fortunately, he gave me a heads up by announcing his intentions in the newspaper). Anyway, I've gotten beyond all the spin from every angle and PAC and come up with something about dressing that does not include a lapel pin.
I have noticed that candidates seldom appear wearing a suit. Oh, they have the requisite dress shirt and slacks on, but never a addition, in a jacketless appearance, the sleeves are invariably rolled up. I'm sure they shirts are custom so sleeve length cannot be the problem (as it is for some of us when buying off the rack). Nor can it be that the candidates are simply too hot to keep the sleeves at wrist length. My impression is that each wants to appear as a roll-up-the-sleeves-and-get-to-work type of person: an attempt to mesh smoothly with those of us that actually GO to work every day instead of touting how amazing we are in our ability to change the entire world for the better.
The shirts are always white as well, perhaps to signal yet another connection with the common folk who usually don white when wishing to impress others (though not after Labor Day).
By the way, Nike is out, and North Face is in for that sporty, rugged, I'm-one-of-you look. If you've noticed, fleece is also a popular item, adorned with the North Face logo, of course. "I work out" must be the message they are trying to send as well as, "I know what's fashionable. I'm up with the times."
Of course, the latest big thing is having musicians show their support, whether it's Katy Perry in a blue dress with "Forward" on it (who paid for that?), Springsteen with a new song at a rally, or Meatloaf jumping onstage to shout out his support (Meatloaf? Really? What demographic are they going for...aging counterculturists?).
At any rate, it is obvious that candidates are not content to merely sling slime at each other; they want to appear to be just more dedicated to civil service renditions of you and me...just common, everyday Joes and Janes ("You're damn right") who listen to highly-paid spin doctors with a pulse on the demographics to eke out every last uncommitted person as a potential vote.
Next, I expect to see them all on Saturday Night Live doing the Gangnam Style dance.
That, I would pay to see...and maybe even vote for.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger Joy said...

Include a lapel pins in dressing it's really looks cool.


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