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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sour Apples

As if there weren't enough things going seems that Apple has had a problem with the hard drives in the Mac computers and wanted to replace them under warranty. all well and good. The three or four days it took the shop to effect the changeover were like five mornings straight without coffee after long nights of watching election last count, Florida was just finishing up. Go figure.
It is amazing how attached we get to things in our lives, especially things that we use all the time like computers. Sure, I have one in my office, but there's nothing like sitting in the solitude of the den, switching on the ol' computer, and getting lost in the news, weather, sports, and EBay.
It did make me wonder how long I could possibly live without being connected to the worldwide web...just when I have entertained the idea of a smartphone. I hesitate on that front simply because I don't want to get THAT connected, feeling that my life would speed up even more with 24-hour access.
Actually, the list of "things" that I could probably NOT live without would be a short one. I could probably do without my iPod now that I have a constant ringing in my ears (and the iPod was on my earlier list of "must haves"). Food, shelter, and enough warm/cool clothes to keep me comfortable would be on the short list. TV? no Internet? Maybe, but I think, given a few weeks in the mountains somewhere, I could adjust (warm mountains, to be sure!). Some way to communicate with significant others? Yes, I think that might be a must...hermiting is OK, but not for too long. Perhaps I would arrive at some kind of enlightenment...but I would want a way out, I think.
Ice cream. There would have to be ice cream.
Computer...not so much.


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