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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Like Any Wreck, It's Hard To Look Away

The U.S. Postal Service has seemingly been on the downhill slope with regard to finances for some time. Talk of limiting Saturday deliveries and raising rates are numerous and somewhat disturbing. What happened to "neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow...etc."? For that matter, maybe the downward spiral of the government service has something to do with the downward slide of Lance Armstrong...even though he continued to win after being sponsored by U.S. Postal. And that's where I'm torn. Marcy, my favorite teller at the post office where we used to live, knew I was a fan of the cycling champion, so when the Postal Service was no longer a sponsor, all branches were to dispose of the promotional posters that had adorned the walls (right next to the F.B.I.'s Most Wanted, in fact). Instead of shredding it as was the custom, she gave it to me, and I have kept that secret until now. Of course, I had it framed and periodically had it on my office wall, trading time with an Elvis Costello poster and an original Nedobeck we bought as a fundraiser for a school where we used to teach. Now, though...I'm not sure.
Should I hang it upside down or not hang it at all? Should it matter that "everyone was doping"(...and they were) or that he supposedly simply created a smarter way around testing. Surely, the evidence seems overwhelming with so many of his former teammates, who have accepted bans for their participation, having thrown him under the team car.
Certainly, his promotional work for the foundation he began has done wonderful things...but should all of that be colored with the tint of what he did to achieve the notoriety he has achieved? Tough call. Is the cycling world just jealous of his incredible fame and fortune?
Interestingly enough, Armstrong tweeted this photo of himself on the couch in Austin with his seven Tour de France winner's jerseys displayed prominently. He's obviously trying to make a not-so-subtle point, and there are definitely haters out there as well as a host of supporters.
My real problem is that his message on Twitter was "Just layin' around in Austin."
I cannot tolerate the abuse of the English language. He, of course, should be "lying" around.
I cannot forgive that.


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