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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trypping the Light Fantastic

It's That Time Again

There's just something about Thanksgiving that creates an excitement that is unparalleled. For some, it's a couple of days away from the grind of school or work (unless one is in retail!). for some, it's more football in a couple of days than one can possibly take...complete with snacks and beverages non-stop for the entire weekend. For some, it's just the food part that is so appealing. Christmas has its ham, but Thanksgiving is dedicated to the turkey...once favored by Ben Franklin as the symbol of America...only to lose out to that carrion-clawing eagle. Anyway, here are some interesting facts to throw out at the dinner table while everyone is still less-than-comatose:

1. Turkeys are not stupid, and they are definitely not slow: 15 m.p.h with a three-foot stride almost qualifies this fowl for the winner's circle at the annual Turkey Trot.

2. And speaking of the turkey was originally the name of a scandalous (and therefore popular) dance in the early 1900's. Bet you wish you knew how to do THAT! the in-laws would be dumbfounded (instead of just dumb!)

3. The turkey figured in the national pastime in days, well, past. In 1931, the colorful manager of the Chattanooga Lookouts minor league team once traded a player for a turkey...and the meat was dry, according to Joe Engel, the instigator of this scheme.

4. In the spring, a male turkey can change the color of his head from normal to blue, red or white, in a matter of seconds. Now THAT'S patriotic. I'll bet an eagle cannot do that.

5.That whole "Tryptophan in the turkey makes a person so sleepy as to fall completely unconscious on the couch in a matter of seconds" urban legend is just that: a myth. Fact is, turkeys contain no more of that chemical than any other's just that we tend to eat like there's to be no more food until the Christmas ham hits the table in a month. THAT'S why people fall asleep!

Feel free to bandy thse nuggets about on'll be jake with me.


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