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Friday, November 11, 2011

Well, I'll Be Tie-Dyed!

Cheech or Chong?

Around the corner from my office, about 10 feet away, are containers for recycling materials both oil-based and tree-based. I mention that because the students who visit my office are in the habit of tossing their Gatorade and chocolate milk containers in my trash can. I get righteously indignant and make them take it to the recycling. They are often bemused by my steadfast belief that I'm helping to save the planet. After all, I work at the university of Wisconsin-GREEN Bay. besides, what would the custodial staff think if I were to simply leave plastic containers in the trash? Many "tsks" would be uttered, no doubt. But these are kids several generations removed from the hippie movement in which many of us participated (YOU had bell bottoms, admit it, and paisley is bound to make a comeback soon!).
While it is PC (or Mac, I forget which) to be environmentally conscious, and many places have mandatory recycling laws, I feel bad that today's kids didn't get to experience the hippie culture from most respects. I mean when Jerry Garcia's memory is relegated to a line of neckwear or an ice cream flavor, things have definitely taken a sharp, downward trend. So, for the rest of us, the important question remains:
What kind of hippie are YOU? The Mother Nature Network has a list containing possible hippie-types, and it is certain that we can all find ourselves on the list somewhere...from the Anti-Hippie to the Fully Loaded Hippie, there's a category for all of us. Check it out former-and-now-closet hippies.


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