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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Stuff THAT!

Pilgrims are NOT Happy.

I'm not really a traditionalist in most things, and cooking is no exception. Should I be doddering around the stove with a recipe book in hand, Someone is usually never far behind: checking over my shoulder. It's not that I can't cook; it's merely that I generally treat recipes as "suggestions" much like drivers do the posted speed limit.
Some things, however, get the nod of tradition, and Thanksgiving has always been one of those occasions on which variation is seen as something akin to blasphemy...and it's not that I don't LIKE all the triptophan, salt and basic nod to fruit and vegetables, it's just that there has never really been a suitable alternative. Until now.
Looking oh-so-pork-like, this concoction has real possibilities. There's no apple in its mouth, but too much fruit would mess it up anyway. Ground sausage for a body, porkie links for legs, rind for a curly tail, and a big ol' sausage nose and wrapped in bacon: what's not to like?
Yes, I know, there's no way to stuff the thing with dressing, but surround it with gravy of spme sort and cobs of corn, and you'd have a veritable hogpen of good eatin.' Of course, beans would HAVE to be part of it...whoever heard of pork without beans?
leftovers, you say? Wouldn't matter: everyone would be passed out until Black Friday was long gone.
And, shaped like a football, it would be the perfect counterpoint to the six-drumstick turkey I see on TV every year.
Man vs Food would definitely be back for this one.
Happy Thanksgiving!


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Mike Knoebel said...

Probably won't go with that for Thanksgiving, but maybe a new snack for the Super Bowl!


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