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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dr. Drew Has A Point...Perhaps

The somewhat (i guess) Dr. Drew blames us for the Kim Kardshian breakup. I f I read it correctly, he says that our morbid obsession with anything Kardashian contributed to her lack of commitment to her marriage. After all, she is purported to have made 18 million dollars from the reality show of her life during the leadup to the famous event. Somebody MUST have been watching for her to rake in that kind of money...but it wasn't I who watched. I deal with enough self-absorbed egomaniacs in real life that I don't need to sit home at night and watch someone else's life get more and more fabulous (in terms of money and fame, not in terms of worth).
So, I'm absolving myself of complicity in the whole thing. I somewhat feel sorry for the poor dupe who didn't have enough sense to see this coming when he started appearing on television without getting any of the money for it (I presume), and obviously, the fact that she is denying him ANY of the cash brought in while they were married proves my point.
Really, please just go away...and "journalists," please find something worthy of your education...and people out there: get a life of your might not have money and fame, but you don't have to exploit other people, either.
I just hope the poor schlepp gets the 23-diamond will-you-marry-me back as well as some dignity.


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