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Sunday, October 30, 2011

You've got Two Months to Get Ready

Maybe Not E.T., but...

On one of those occasions in which I emerged from my lost-in-the-60's moments, I was made aware that Superman wasn't the first comic ever produced. Oh, it might have been the first Marvel comic produced, or even the first published in the United States in the 1050's, but it would have to go a LONG way to be the first ever produced. Even though I am uncertain as the the origin of the "species" so to speak, I know that more than 80 years ago, there was a comic book being produced as a series in Belgium...and now it's come to light as a movie.
Tin Tin (boy reporter) and his dog Snowy are adventurers who solve mysteries around the world, and they have been doing so for 82 years. Popular around the world, it never really seemed to catch on here, or at least I had never heard of it until a few years ago. Steven Spielberg is out to change that for all of us. The first movie adaptation in memory opened this weekend in 19 foreign markets and did very well...maybe not Puss and Boots well, but respectable, to be sure. The comic book series that has entertained European children for 82 years is headed our two months.
Whether or not The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn makes it on these shores remains to be seen, but it needs to recoup almost 300 million dollars in production and promotional costs to be considered successful. Spielberg's name will help. Recent reprints featured at Barnes & Noble will help, too. I know my grandsons will want to see it because they have all the books.
And I know I will see it...though maybe on Netflix.
Look for it around the Christmas holidays when everyone has played with all the toys for the requisite seven minutes and is getting bored.
At least there will be popcorn!


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