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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A "Free" Lunch? Not So Much

With the economy faltering badly for most of the world, it's no wonder that more and more complaints are being lodged against the freeloaders in this country: those on welfare or those accepting unemployment checks. Those who's complexion gets a bit more ruby-like between the ears and the shoulders complain that they have to pay for everybody else who doesn't have the desire to get off their behinds and get a job. Those who are simply taking the taxpayers for a free ride should be held accountable!
While it is undoubtedly true that there is abuse in both systems, it is also true that there are people out there who desperately need the aid that our society provides...but it's not free. I can guarantee this, having been at one time a recipient of both unemployment benefits and food stamps. Seeing what other people had and opportunities with which they were presented was extremely difficult during those dark days. Knowing that I could not effectively care for my family without assistance was embarrassingly humbling...and I vowed that if I ever were to escape that vicious circle of "you are overqualified for this job" rejections and the hopelessness they engendered (making actually trying to get a job even harder), I would never again complain about having to support "freeloaders."
I can only imagine the hopelessness of someone laid off at 50 or unemployable due to a lack of education and/or addiction or mental health issues which cannot be overcome...brutal depression and anxiety has to give way eventually to despair.
Now, imagine you have to live in this condition your whole adult life! I could not do it. It was only through the steadfast belief and support of those around me that I was able to get out of that situation...not sure I could have done it by myself.
And now that I am somewhat secure despite the economic and governmental downturn, I refuse to let anyone rail on and on about how social programs amount to a "free lunch." The price for those people is a high one.
Yes, I know that some people abuse the system to great advantage...but I'm willing to "go to the bank" for those who are thinking desperate thoughts right now.
Because I've had those thoughts.


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