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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Stop Monkeying Around With This Country!

Movie Scene or Infuriated, Unemployed Citizen?

Seriously, at this point in history, I believe I am as frustrated/angry as I have ever been with the folks entrusted with our country. While I generally stick to matters more mundane than the life-and-death struggles of our system, I just can't let this one go. When almost 80% of Americans polled used words like "ridiculous" and "stupid" and "spoiled brats" to describe our elected officials, I know something is wrong.
When the DJI drops 500 points in one day, it's a sign that I'm not the only one losing confidence in the direction we're taking...and I'm laying the blame on everyone: no specific party or philosophical point of view, no matter how unfathomably idiotic I find any of them, all get the "naughty" finger from me.
Elected to increase jobs? Hasn't happened...and what's worse, they are all pointing fingers at OTHER people! Hey! I elected YOU to handle PROMISED!
OK, OK, call me naive if you want to, but I would think the good of the country would outweigh ANY self-serving political agenda...not so much.
We're headed for another showdown in 2012 (following all the recall elections here), and I dread even turning on the TV or opening a newspaper. There will be more mud flying around than monkey feces at the zoo, each person distancing himself from the faults of "the other party." That is, if we're still solvent by then.
I almost think Caesar (pictured) could do a better job than our current officials on any level.
It's disheartening to be so dispirited.


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