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Monday, August 22, 2011

All I Need Now Is A Stick

Bobby Flay material?

I'm not claiming to be the next Colonel Sanders...far from it; however, every now and then, I come upon something in the kitchen (mostly by accident) that I think merits attention. I've always wanted to mix favorite foods just to see if I still liked them in combination: thus, I can never eat ice cream alone. It must be mixed with a variety of things I find degenerating in the fridge...just in case it would taste good. Frankly, I've yet to try anything in combination with ice cream that DIDN'T taste good, but that's almost a given for me.
I'm not talking about the garden variety "peanut butter-and-pickle" food. I mean things that one might put together by accident (or on purpose) and prepare them in an experimental way. As a result, if left to my own devices, dinner would be something one might poke with a fork and say, "Uh, what's in this." Suffice it to say that the result would be a melange of MY favorite foods.
As watched a banana slowly turn spotted-to-brown today (it was a slow day), I decided to see how I could use it to my benefit...although every time I eat a banana, I get a constriction in my throat that may or may not be related to some kind of allergy. I just hate to waste
I disguised the banana with my favorite combination: peanut butter, marshmallows and vanilla wafers. While this is not too unusual an combination, I think my preparation method is a bit off the beaten track. Most people would make a pudding and layer the items (marshmallows excluded) with meringue atop the mixture. I mad sandwiches of the items, baked them in a cooling over until the marshmallow was melty, and I am happy with the result.
When slightly warm, the vanilla wafers are soft, having absorbed the peanut butter-banana-marshmallow combination. After refrigeration, the wafers were again my surprise.
At one bite per "sandwich," these are great. Now, if I can only find a way to get these on a stick, I will be ready to present them at state fairs all over the country!
I said it was a slow day!


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