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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Taa of Sotheary

Understanding myself and the random thoughts that sift through it is complicated at times; trying to understand a two-year old is totally mystifying. My position as "Taa" (grandfather) opens up a whole new vista of confusion. Learning to speak and understand two languages would be impossible for me so I can imagine. The complication for our granddaughter. While she seems to be able to smoothly transition, it's definitely a challenge for me to communicate with her. Yaa Carol is much more intuitive than I am...which makes it much easier and lowers the frustration level a bit. Still, it would be fascinating to hear what she thinks she knits her brow and issues one-syllable commands to everyone around her. At this moment, she is screaming for me to give up the iPad so she can use least that much is quite clear to me.
I'm out!


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