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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's All Too Confusing...To Me

Really? This Is Sexy?

Some things about life are really inexplicable as far as I can tell. Seriously, when I have too much time on my hands, things tend to prey on my mind, and singing the theme song to Gilligan's Island doesn't help like it does when I can't get a song out of my head.
Walking along on a tour of Lambeau Field today, having heard the same information hundreds of times this summer, my mind wandered off and left me ambling along waiting for someone to ask a question to give me something stimulating to do. (We always have 2 guides in case of bathroom stops or overloaded elevators, etc.) As I held open the doors heading outside using the automatic door openers, it struck me again: people SEE that I have automatically opened the doors and continue to have the doors why do they automatically put their hand on the door to keep it from closing on them? Even when I manually hold a door open, I notice people put out their hand and hold the door...just in case! What? Am I going to suddenly slam it in their faces just as they approach the doorway? This is just one of the seemingly random puzzles that I tried to figure out today. In no real order, here are some other thoughts that occupied the far corners of my brain today:

Kobe Bryant was named in an assault case recently by a young man who said that Bryant grabbed his hand and sprained his wrist by jerking the young man's cell phone out of his hand...during a church service! Really? Kobe...shouldn't you be doing something else IN CHURCH? WTF? (Bryant's defense was that he "thought" the guy was taking his church?

Why has "Back To School" become the anti-Christmas? Both have weeks, if not months of anticipation in the media and shopping centers. Both are built up like the next great thing, but there are decidedly different audiences here: one (parents) will be happy, and the other (students) faces the upcoming year with something like anguish. Of course, the post-Christmas blues might be something akin to that uneasy feeling as well. Naturally, the reverse happens during most school year breaks.

What's up with the dorky fedora hats everyone seems to be wearing? I've never understood fashion, but it just seems like everyone thinks he/she is in a boy band this year. This is almost as odd to me a fashion trend as women who wrap scarves around their necks when it's not cold outside..,.maybe I've missed the reason for these items...after all, I'm more of an old school guy.

Finally, Don Johnson might have started the trend years and years ago with his character in Miami Vice, but lately, it seems like no well-dressed man even thinks to go out in style AFTER shaving! In fact, that five o'clock shadow thing has appeared in fashion magazines on almost every male model...and I am nonplussed. Every female I've ever dated has complained about being scratched by an unkempt face...all preferring the baby-soft skin of a recently-shaved date. Again, maybe it's a sign I've aged, but I STILL don't know any woman who would prefer me unshaven.
Of course, there is the ever so slight possibility that it's really ME they object to, and shaving (or not) is not part of the issue.
Fortunately, I have fiver hours of walking on tours tomorrow to cipher this through.


At 1:49 PM, Blogger UpsideDown Kate said...

Did you really just use the abbreviation WTF? I am officially LOL.


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