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Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Diet Tip

I was eating in a Vietnamese restaurant tonight, and it hit me: the perfect diet tip for Americans. It has nothing to do with what one eats, but it IS about utensils. I was diligently trying to eat a rice dish...frustrated by the minute amounts I was getting as a result of using chopsticks, and the "aha" moment hit me.
Th is no way I could eat a lot in less than an hour or so because there would be only a small amount every time I got the utensils to my mouth. As a result, I ate a lot less than I would have otherwise, and it took me a long time to do so! It only figures that if everyone we to use chopsticks for every meal, there would be very little eaten, and no one would have time to eat very much...result? A thin population! Imagine trying to eat mashed potatoes and gravy or ice fact, even trying to eat steak would be complicated: no knife!
I can imagine folks trying to stab a chunk of steak or twirling the stick around and around in an attempt to eat spaghetti.
You have to admit: it's a perfect solution. I feel thinner already.


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