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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It Had To Happen Sooner Or Later

This was an obvious next step

Remember when Coke introduced the "new" Coke and what a disaster it was? Brands are always tinkering with what was a good thing originally in an attempt to make it even better (Coke with lime?). Generally, like sequels or prequels in books and movies, anything after the original just doesn't seem to work out as well as the initial effort. We see it everywhere in the entertainment industry: spinoff after spinoff until originality is lost forever. I think that's why teenager's music is sparked by rebellion: they're tired of hearing the same stuff reworked. At last, though, a "new" version that's worth the time and effort that it took to bring it to the table.
Oreo cookies are an American icon. I believe it's no joke when the commercials call Oreos "Milk's favorite cookie." I'm sure the delectable treat has blogs devoted to such things as how to eat it properly or make it last longer or just HOW soggy with milk it has to be before one gives in and slurps it down. Most people I know don't simply take a bite, chew it up, and move on...nor do they simply dunk a cookie for a few seconds, bite, and repeat. Most folks I know unscrew the cookie part from the creme filling; at that point, some scrape the filling off with a fork...some scrape it off with their teeth and actually eat it; the purpose, of course, is to get to the cookie part (separated from the filling). As such, Nabisco has finally crafter the perfect cookie. Their first effort merely doubled the amount of creme filling: wrong move. We did not want more sugar-infused, whipped lard. We wanted more cookie! Finally, we have just that with the introduction today of the "Triple Double Oreo." This long-awaited reinvention contains three chocolate cookies with two thin layers of creme filling: one vanilla, and one chocolate. I suspect that the filling's only purpose is to hold the three cookies in place...only to be scraped off in order to get to the cookie part.
Acceptable job, Nabisco. Next, give me a bag of cookies with NO filling: I'll put two together with nothing between them and have the perfect cookie.


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