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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Pass the Lingonberries and Meatballs, Please

We all know that the Baby Boomers are getting older, followed closely buy whatever generation comes behind us. In fact, according to a recent UN-backed study, by 2050, there will be more people over 50 than there will be under 15...for the first time in history. That means, of course, that there will be fewer kids to yell at for being on my sidewalk or playing music too loudly at, say 8 p.m. when I'm trying to sleep. What? Oh yeah, by 2050, I will be doing the Big Sleep so those darn kids won't be bothering me.
Anyway, until the time that the Reaper summons, if zombies don't get me first, I'll need a place to live that assures me that I will live comfortably, surrounded by a caring government and a social structure that values me for my wisdom, such as it is. That's where research comes in.
Research done by the UN Population Fund with help from Help Age International, recently studied 91 countries in an attempt to judge which one was best prepared to support positively an aging population. In all, 13 factors were considered: among them income and employment, health provisions, education, and the environment.
Here's the list of the top 10 BEST places to be old for the next 30 years:
10. Japan
9. Iceland (often mentioned as the happiest as well)
8. United States
7. New Zealand
6. Switzerland
5. Canada
4. The Netherlands (despite potential sea rise as a result of global warming)
3. Germany
2. Norway
1. Sweden

Being in the top ten is a lot better than being at the bottom of this list with Pakistan, Tanzania, and Afghanistan. Those places are all too hot for me, anyway. I've been to Sweden, and I liked it a lot, but I'd have to live in the south because those months without sunrise that occur in the north would be really SAD!


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