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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Putting a Price on Time

I've reached the point where money isn't a crucial, daily, worry. I have enough to get by today and, hopefully, until I die. Suffice it to say that money is no longer a prime motivator. Do I want more? Who doesn't? However, there are limits to what I will do for money. Being a part of focus groups is not on the "limited" list unless the reward is miniscule. Not today, though.
The researchers were interested in the beer-buying habits of a certain demographic into which I must have fit. Following some preliminary questions a week or so ago in response to an email from a company for whom I had previously tested ice cream (for $!), I was given a choice to times at which to go through an hourlong interview about my buying habits. Initially, I thought the idea was a bit lame, especially since it really didn't fit neatly into my schedule for tutoring...however, the reward was too great to pass up.
I had two options: go in, do the interview and get $75 for my time, or go in by 2 p.m. and stay until 5:30 as a substitute in case somebody missed an appointment...for $150. I must admit that initially, I hesitated because it would mean cutting out a session with a student to make it on time. However, by adjusting my schedule so I met her at night (something I dislike), I was able to free up the time.
I haad enough homework to keep me occupied for the time I'd need to spend so I figured it was a no-brainer.
As I arrived, I was greeted with an offer for food: salads, tenderloin, cheesecake, smoothies...whatever I wanted! This was proving too good to be true. After a couple of hours, I was summoned to actually appear for the interview. I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that I enjoyed the process...after all, my time here at the university is certainly not compensated at a rate of $50 per hour.
Plus, there was food :)


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