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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little To Do in Allendale Apparently

First, there was Faith Hilling, then planking, then Tebowing followed by Dufnering. It seems that pop cilture meemes are, well, popular. Thus, it is no wonder that Muley Cyrus has created the latest sweeping-the-nation craze with her video Wrecking Ball. This one, however, isn't just something anyone can copy. There has to ben actual wrecking ball to swing on, and most people don't have one handy. Most people.
The students at Grand Valley State University in allendale, Michigan, DID have one handy. It seems that the campus featured a steel ball suspended, pendulum-like from a chain just hanging there ready to be used. Whether the thing was an art work or what, I don't know. There was little historical background on the object.
In fact, most people probably didn't know it was even there until students began recreating the somewhat salacious video that Cyrus took worldwide by swinging naked on it. There was little video evidence that GVSU students were swinging naked on their wrecking ball, but, to be honest, I didn't look that deeply into it. Apparently, the university decided, though, that this was a lawsuit waiting to happen with or without clothes, so it "suspended" the activity by removing the ball and chain from whatever it was attached to.
Those plucky Lakers students were not about to be denied: raucous protests were held by students demanding to get their ball no avail at this point.
We've not heard or seen the end of this meeme. You can bet engineering students at GVSU will come up with something...anything to keep them occupied with something other than homework. This is a SURE way for them to attract comely co-eds!


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