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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I have mixed feelings about this. Tumbledown Trails golf Course offered the pictured advertisement in the Wisconsin State Journal earlier this week. The incredible firestorm of ferocious negativity that resulted created more heat than imaginable. Owner Marc Watts claims that there was no intent to malign what some might consider the last national tragedy of note, that's not how folks took it: some even threatened to burn the place down if he opened on the 11th of September...though how one would" burn down" a golf course remains only a matter for conjecture.
The fact that this is the third year in a row the promotion has been thus advertised makes the story a bit odd as well. Where were these horrified folks the last two years? Perhaps they just opened a Facebook account and saw the promotion. I don't know.
If we can commercialize Christmas and make a yearly celebration of Thanksgiving freedom into a football holiday...perhaps this isn't anything more than a business trying to promote itself.
Watts promised to relay some of the day's profits to a memorial fund for 9/11 victims.
Wisconsin has truly become a haven for extremists, I fear.


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