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Sunday, September 22, 2013

When To Start Looking Over Your Shoulder

We have not really recovered from the 2008 recession, despite what the pols will say in hopes of bolstering their re-election chances. Fact is, people are still unemployed, and layoffs continue sporadically. I always joke that the reason my office is next to the exit sign is that I won't embarrass people when I walk out with my box of stuff after being let go. Fortunately, I have information that will allow me to skip out just before the dreaded axe falls. Thanks to the business folks at the BBC, I know five specific, telltale signs that the boss is about to pink slip an employee. I'm sharing with you because, well, you never know.

1. Key meetings are held and important decisions are made without you. What? There are meetings? I've never gone before, thinking I was getting out of something, you say they aren't even inviting me?

2. Everyone around you is getting laid off. Here, I'm safe: I:m the only "me" there is. no worries.

3. The boss gives you the silent treatment and/or won't look you in the eye. Well, I spend a lot of time avoiding the boss, so he would have to work hard to find time to a) find me, and b) give me the silent treatment when he did.

4. The unexpected summons to a meeting with the boss and HR. If this happens, it's already too late: just pick up your stuff and try to make a graceful exit...unless there's a pension or huge chunk of unemployment (what? In THIS age?) coming your way.

5. Be asked to train someone else to do what you do. seriously. If this happens, you know the end is nearer than you think. Stall the training...teach unimportant things, and generally start hoarding office supplies because it's over...sooner rather than later.

Yes, this helpful information is depressing, but being prepared should ease the shock should this happen to you.


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