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Monday, September 30, 2013

International Investing

Every time anyone discusses making money on stocks, bonds, and whatnot, the issue of international buying comes up. It always sounds risky to me, but there are some things considered to be safe bets...I'm not about to give away any secrets...if you've been any kind of aware, you'll know each and every company I'm about to mention. In fact, I'm only covering this subject at all because Coke has fallen from its perch as the most valuable international commodity...rarified air that it dominated for the past 13 years! Obviously, the Coke brand is everywhere, but it is no longer the most economically potent company on the international scene. It has given way to Apple as millions of Chines people have opted for the new iPhones.
Apple's value has increased 28% since last year, presently being valued at more than 98 billion dollars. Looks like a sound d'uh! Coke, in fact, is not even number two on the international list, falling to number three behind Google!
Just for fun, the rest of the top ten international companies in value are

10. Toyota
9. Intel
8. Samsung
7. McDonald's
6. General Electric
5. Microsoft
4. IBM
all trailing behind the top three mentioned above.
All are safe. All are profitable. Go buy.


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