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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Stretching the Experience Limits

I t has been noted by researchers that people who are willing to expand beyond their comfort zone are often the most happy and content with their lives. I'm not sure that's true for everyone, but for those people who embrace change and challenge, life can be difficult. Imagine working at the same job for years on end, repeating the same task hour after hour and day after day...some like the routine, but others would go crazy in ten minutes.
I would go nuts...thus, my life has been filled with challenging opportunities; even after retirement, I never expected to be teaching college courses, but I am. I never thought I would be teaching an aerobic drum class, either, but I'm about to...and it's more than a little scary.
As I understand it, the class is made up primarily of middle-aged and older females with an occasional retired guy. This is a tough group: they know what they want, what they like, and they expect to get it. Compounding my uncertainty is the fact that the only reason I'm doing this is that their favorite teacher graduated, and there was nobody to teach the class. In a master understatement, I noted that I could do that..."how hard could it be?"
I'll find out tomorrow, after a month of hour-long practicing day after day. Picking music wasn't exactly easy, either. Do they want new dance music? High energy disco tracks? Oldies with a beat? Country (eek!)
Mixing in a bit of everything, I think I'm ready for the first class: nervous but embracing the challenge. It could be a short engagement!
Rock on! (and streeeeeetch!)


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