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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

"I Am the Instrument of Vengeance For Women."

No, this is not about the Hunger Games or any other fictitious tale. In many ways, except for a passing reference, it's not even about the Roman goddess known as ever-chaste and ever-ready to put down any man who upset her idea of right. It IS interesting, though, that an avenging woman in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, considers herself to be a modern-day Diana as she wreaks vengeance of a personal sort: retaliation for incidents of rape by that city's nighttime bus drivers.
To date, two bus drivers have been murdered by this avenging angel, and it is somewhat painful to think of her as a murderer...though she is. Recently, she simply walked up to a driver on the route between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso ( a nighttime route taken by women who have crossed the border to work in factories), said, "you guys think you're so bad," and shot him in the head before calmly walking away. Wow!
Two important facts:
1. Hundreds of women have "gone missing" in that area over the last 20 years, only to be found sexually assaulted, murdered and dumped alongside the road.
2. Violence in Mexico seems to be almost a casual thing: the only way one can expect "justice."
Still...the woman has a Facebook page calling herself Diana the Huntress and insists she is merely "an instrument of vengeance" for herself and all the other women who have been assaulted by late-night drivers.
Two drivers have been arrested over the years on charges of assaulting and murdering women passengers: one had his conviction overturned, and the other died in prison while awaiting trial.
What with drug gang killings and police corruption, I can see how this might happen, but vigilanteism?ard to justify.


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