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Friday, August 30, 2013

More Than A Grain of Truth?

I love The Onion...the mix of real news combined with just enough fantasy to take the sting out of what really happens is a refreshing look at the maddening circus that is life. Recently, the newspaper published an article that professed to elucidate on the 10 ways one could tell for certain that he or she was an introvert. Of course, all of them revolved around an entertainment personality whose name I did not recognize and whose movies I had never seen; thus, I knew that the article would not have any resemblance to my life as an introvert. wait a minute...
The number 1 way to tell if one is an introvert is that he or she doesn't need to go out to have fun. Well, shoot, that's me all over: books, music and worldwide news on the internet keep me entertained.
Then, the article noted that introverts were interested in photography (though to be fair, it involved only pictures of said actor). But, hey, I take a LOT of pictures.
Enjoy writing? you, too, could be an introvert. I mean, seriously, how many people do you know who've written 1300 times on a blog that few people read? This is time spent without other people so it must be at least partly accurate.
One of the most accurate depictions of me as a true introvert was that such people rarely have hundreds of close friends. Bingo! I would be embarrassed to indicate how many close friends I feel I have: suffice it to say at least one of my hands would still be warm in the winter!
So, while the article was decidedly tongue-in-cheek, sometimes the truth is closer to the surface than one imagines.
Now I have to go watch all those movies that film guy has starred in.


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