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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Mainstream Than I Figured To Be

There is little doubt among my closest family members that I am old-school: a more pleasant moniker than "out-of-touch" I suppose. Fashion, food, technology, name it, I am certain to be perceived as behind the times (or "Welcome to the 70's" as one of my kids always says). Be that as it may, I've discovered that old school isn't necessarily out of date; this fact was brought home by a survey in Entertainment Weekly that asked readers to list their all-time favorite ("classic") movies and television programs. To my surprise, I knew all but one of them and had seen all but a couple of them. Here's the list:
Movies (in descending order)
5. Psycho
4. Casablanca
3. Bonnie and Clyde
2. The Godfather (tied with The Godfather, Pt. 2)
1. Citizen Kane
My absolute favorites did not make the top 5 (Harold and Maude, American Flyers, Dances With Wolves, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, andThe Outlaw Josie Wales), and I did not take the time to look at the top 100 as listed in EW, but I'll bet I'e seen most of them.
On the television front, the top five were
5. The Sopranos
4. Mary Tyler Moore
3. Seinfeld
2. The Simpsons
1. The Wire
I've never even heard of The must be on a pay-per-view cable channel. I'll admit that the Simpsons is in my top five, but I would be hard pressed to come up with only four more; The Bob Newhart Show, Hogan's Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, and Mary Hartman Mary Hartman would be good bets. I love Mash when it was on but don't watch the reruns. Leave It To Beaver and Gilligan's Island were good, too, but none of the newer sit-coms seem to grab me, other than TBBT. South Park was really funny for the first few, it's lame.
I have not perused the top 100 vote-getters in this category, either, but I'll wager I've seen most of them, at least in part.
Not such an old fogey after all.


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