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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Would Warren Buffett Say To This?

Economic times have been tough worldwide over the past few years. While Americans have suffered through a housing downturn, unemployment disaters, and outsourcing problems, the rest of the world has been having some of the same issues. While it seems that Asian countries are doing bettr than most, that's not completely true. Japan was having such a difficult time that its foreign minister Shinzo Abe made a concerted effort to utilize questionable (in the eyes of some) economic policies to avert the dropoff. He continues to trumpet private investment, and has allowed inflation to creep up to stabilize the economy. In some corners, his policies have taken on a pop culture tenor in an attempt to get the younger generation onboard.
A group of young women ages 16-23 are at the musical forefront of this pop "economic reform." Called Michikado Keiki Japan (Economic Conditions on the Streets of Japan), the girl band sings about the appreciation of the yen and qualitative easing. Their fans are known to shout out things like "public investment" at concerts. Their schtick? They promise tro raise the hemline of their skirts every time there is a significant rise in the Nikkei Index (Japan's Dow-Jones Industrial). Intially, the economy flourished, but lately the hemilines have fallen a bit. Still...
And the music biz is not the only concern tying into Abe's policies. The lingerie manufacturer Triumph is promoting the "Abenomics Bra," a garment that increases bust sizes by 2% (mirroring economic growth). All of this calls into mind the disproven theory of the "hemline index" that opines that women's skirts are shorter during economic booms since they are willing to take more risks when times are good.
Wow! This is what happens in the rest of the world while we get a chance to buy lunch with Warren Buffett and talk about the Federal Reserve.
Go figure.


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