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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Time Changes Everything, Even Cracker Jacks

Just when you get used to having things a certain way, some genius thinks change is needed. My friend Mark recently faced such a dilemma when he discovered that his 32oz. bottle of Hawaiian Punch was also bottled in two or three OTHER proportions! In the name of science, he managed to try the liquid from each container but confessed that only the beverage in the original container tasted as it should. While it doesn't seem possible that the same drink would taste different in a larger or smaller container, I trust his taste buds. Some things, though, have defied change, seemingly forever; Cracker Jack is one of those items...then the genius arrived.
Celebrated snack food at baseball games (and immortalized in song at EVERY game), this popcorn and peanut treat recently celebrated its 120th introducing new flavors and a new prize promotion. (By the way, why would someone buy both peanuts AND CrackerJacks since CrackerJacks has BOTH?) My thought on the matter is that if baseball fans have been singing its praises since 1908, there is no need for change, but then, nobody asked me.
The new flavors are Butter Toffee and Kettlecorn, ecah promising more peanuts and a niftier prize pack that includes a code to access either a baseball game or pinball machine on one's mobile phone. This will increase the liklihood of getting bonked with a foul ball at a game since one will be staring at the small video screen of his or her phone.
Thus, not only are the new flavors unnecessary, they are dangerous!
Although probably not as dangerous as the 62-oz. bottles Hawaiian Punch comes in.


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