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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Talk, Talk, Talk.

I discovered today that Facebook has yet another way to intrude into my life: it's called a "Talk Meter," and it rates the topics users discuss on the site. Of course, it's not really intrusive, but still, it seems a little bit creepy to me. I'm surprised that anyone would have use for information concerning the most talked about items on a social networking site, but I guess they are.
Facebook's Talk Meter rates the amount of conversation on the site from one to ten with a ten meaning that the topic is a matter of national obsession and one indicating, say, how much people are talking about me.
Anyway, the topic came up because messages concerning the Frankenstorm Sandy generated a rating of 8.34 to finish second (thus far) this year. In comparison, the first presidential debate weighed in at 8.18; the vice-presidential debate scored  a somewhat less impressive 6.79, edging out the Academy Awards as a topic of conversation at 6.74 (seems about right).
Both of those eked out a "win" over the San Francisco Giants capturing the World Series at 6.71, and on down the line we go with Hurricane Isaac finishing out the list provided by CNN at a measly 5.24.
This year's winner thus far has been the Super Bowl featuring the Patriots and the Giants that garnered a number of 8.62.
To be honest, I doubt I even discussed ANY of these events on Facebook. Come to think of it, I'm not sure WHAT I discuss on Facebook...mostly, I make comments on other people's posts.
Maybe I don't need it at all.
But then, what would other people discuss?


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