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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Die Is Cast

I have no great world dominating ideas like Julius Caesar had when he crossed the Rubicon. Nonetheless, for the second time in my life, I have crossed a boundary over which there is no return...and I'm just a bit nervous about this one.
Six years ago, I retired from my career as an educator in a public school system, and I knew the day I handed in the letter affirming that fact that I would never again have the opportunity to go back. thomas Wolfe noted that one could never go home again, and the realization was a bit unnerving. No public school system would ever hire me given my years of experience and advanced degree; even my own school where I had been named the state PE Teacher of the Year in 2006 wasn't sad to see me go...all the administrators saw were the dollars that my replacement would NOT cost them. I knew it, and I didn't was simply the way of the world.
Today, however, marked the second line in the sand, and this one gives me much greater pause: I applied for Social Security today. I can never go back to being anything less than an "old person'" despite my still-youthful appearance (see photo above) and energetic personality. I will soon join the ranks of those for whom life is inexorably changed...some for the better, and some for the worse.
Still, looking at the beer glass as half full...
1. I will get discounts on a lot of things for which I paid full price.
2. No matter what any new (or existing) administration does, I will be "grandfathered" in and get paid...I think.
3. Everyone will now treat me with the respect that wisdom encourages.
4. I have had all the knee operations I am going to have, and my cardiologist is but a memory.
5. If I don't spend extravagantly, I should have enough money to live as long as I want to or am able to...given the odd bike/bus accident or electrical storm while wearing muy iPod.
6. Since all major expenditures (cars/house/kids) are paid off, IT'S ALL MINE! Of course, I will spend it on traveling to see the kids and extravagant gifts for them, but still...
7. I'll get to have my own booth at McDonald's for morning joe with the other regulars.
8. I will be able to get new walking shoes every year for my laps around the mall.
9. I won't have to shave or get a haircut unless I absolutely want to...saving me at least $100 a year (at my current rate of spending on such items).
10. I can now do just what I want to...when I want to.

"Would you like a cart with that, ma'am?"


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