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Monday, October 15, 2012

What's A Few Calories When You're This Big?

I rue the day that Krispy Kreme left the Fox Valley dur to too-rapid expansion and a populace with a too-rapid beltline expansion. It used to be my birthday treat: a dozen here, and a dozen there...but who's counting? (something like birthdays, as a matter of fact).
It would appear that the astronauts in Los Angeles got tired of the space ice cream that comes in the little foil containers and decided to get some real food. While it doesn't look like the "hot now" sign is on, I'll bet they still get a free one when they walk in. Los Angeles is probably one of the few cities in this country that could accommodate a trailer-loaded space shuttle rolling down the street.
Yes, those little pleasures in life can be the most gratifying, but it seems like there is always a price to pay for the guilty pleasures like Krispy Kreme and anything with saturated fat or alcohol in it. Still, we flock to these things like lemmings to a cliff...finding out only later that there really IS a cliff, and it's called "a stroke!"
When you think about it, eating really healthy food all the time gets a bit tedious so the occasional KK isn't too bad.
Never having one, however, is a crime in my book. It's a good thing they're still out there somewhere.


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