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Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Boo!" as in Boo Boo

Most people would not name Hallowe'en as their favorite holiday, and I guess I might not, either, but every year I sit home and hope that the candy bowl still has something left at the end of the night. I have never shaken down any kid, but it's hard not to like the treats since apples and oranges went out as favorites, thanks to deranged folks who delighted in tricking kids.
I doubt we ever had costumes...maybe grabbing some of Dad's clothes and going as hobos, but that was about it. Mom would never have bought a costume, and I don't remember her ever making one, but it was still a favorite time of year. Now that the kids are no longer living here, it has lost a bit of the zing for me...but then, I'm the only one here who doesn't absolutely hate this particular holiday. Not so for most Americans, though.
According to the National Retail Association, $2.87 billion (yes, BILLION) will be spent on Hallowe'en costumes this year! A surprising $1.4 billion of that will be spent on adults' costumes, $1.1 billion on kids' costumes, and...$370 million will be spent on pets' costumes...that's right, PETS. On average, an American will spend $28.65 on a costume, whether bought or home made.
So...what types of costumes are we buying?More than one million adults and kids will dress up as an athlete, and almost that many will don something related to politics, though the standards are always a favorite.
The top three choices for kids are princess, Batman and Spiderman with a few Honey Boo Boo (?) thrown in. Superheroes like the Avengers will be a hot costume as well (not surprising that Eric Cartman went at The Hulk)
Adults show even LESS creativity:
the top choice among adults (probably female) is a witch with 6 million pointy-headed people bobbing for apples or whatever. The second most popular choice (3.2 million) involves vampires...the obvious allure being the opportunity to bite people in the neck, I suppose. finally, pirates seem to be still in vogue, coming on the heels of national "Talk Like A Pirate Day" and all.
There are dozens of cost-effective, cleverly designed options out there as well.
On the cheap, I will paint a "BO" on the right side of my face, and an "OK" on the left side of my nose and go as "Facebook." It was not my idea, but it is both clever and cheap...and I try to be both.
"Treat or treat" No apples or oranges, please.


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