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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Price (or Benefit) of Fame

Lychee honey included without spending a fortune

It was only a matter of time: Jeremy Lin is now pleading for "respect of privacy" for his family in Taiwan as the paparazzi have decided to hound them mercilessly for that next big disclosure that could net them big bucks in the tabloid world. It's only natural that such a media frenzy would take place when a person becomes the next "it" celebrity...and I knew Ben and Jerry's couldn't be far behind.
It's true: the iconic ice cream maker now has on the market in Boston a tantalizlin' "Taste the Lin-sanity" flavor of ice cream. Introduction of the new flavor follows Jimmy Kimmel's private brand in an attempt to lure customers who don't mind spending an exorbitant amount of money for a dairy treat (I figure the kids at Harvard all all trust fund beneficiaries who can afford it).
However, all is not perfect in Ben and Jerry's world (not to be confused with JerryWorld in Dallas). It seems the ingredients have created another one of those PC-fuelled campaigns meant to impugn the motives of even the most innocuous.
The vanilla treat is buoyed by swirls of lychee honey and bits of (gasp) fortune cookie! How dare they? This is offensive to Asians everywhere, according to the pundits, and BnJ contritely issued the standard apology to anyone who may have been offended by the pseudo-racist ingredient.
While I've never been part of any minority (being male, white, tall and mostly literate), it remains difficult for me to see this as intentionally racist...not like the "chink in the armor" headline of last week.
Perhaps it IS racist to link fortune cookies with Chinese people (or food), and I feel bad if people are offended. I will, in protest, not go to Harbard University to buy some.
Is "Moose Tracks" ice cream offensive to Canadians?


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