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Monday, February 13, 2012

Needed: Mosquito Repellant If You're Under 60 or So.

Once again, I am probably the last to know about this stuff, but I find this particular bit of "stuff" fascinating. At issue here is a repellant, called the Mosquito that actually drives young people, particularly teenagers, away. Really. If you've already heard about this, why didn't you tell me?
Invented by a man in Britain whose name escapes me now (due to the ringing in my ears) as a way to stop teens from congregating in places like shopping malls where they are not wanted, this "device" emits a high-pitched frequency that is as annoying as a mosquito buzzing about one's ear. The beauty of it (an potentially the liability of it) is that adults past, say, 35, can't hear the sound at most frequencies! Thus, teens get scattered from a mall as if tear gas were emptied in front of them. Wow!
There are various frequencies with this device, and as people age, their ability to hear the higher tones diminishes. It's true...I tried it, and I'm proud to say that my hearing rivals that of a 49-year-old!
Of course, it didn't take some clever teen long to figure out that such sounds could be used to torment other students in, say, a classroom situation,and the teacher would be none the wiser. Seriously; two students of mine recounted stories today of their high school days when this used to be a popular prank. They even demonstrated to me the fact that there is an application (or "app" if you're into technical jargon) for the Mosquito on phones!
Technological advances continue to leapfrog my ability to understand them (or, in this case, hear them), and this device is merely more proof that the average child understands more about how things work than I do.
So it's their job to take care of all the howling dogs!
Try YOUR hearing at the following URL:


At 10:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I officially feel old. The last one I can hear is the <30. Isn't it your generation that said don't trust anyone over 30?


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