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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Both Feet Firmly on the Bandwagon

I Will NOT Mention Tim Tebow

I love the way the media and news/sports/fashion junkies latch on to the latest fabulous, out-of-nowhere story and ride it like it's the last bull at the rodeo. Non-stop, breathless coverage of minutiae concerning the latest BIG story gets old for me after, say, the third time. Brett Favre retiring? His sexting scandal? Lindsay Lohan's latest escapade? ( shades of almost every other star who graced the red carpet...remember Britney?) Kate Upton being too fat, too blonde, too surgically-enhanced, too skanky to grace the cover of a magazine? Newt Gingrich's revolving jewelry account (not to mention revolving wives)? get the picture.
So now, it's Jeremy Lin: a kid who has obviously been at the right place at the right time with the right skill set to captivate the entire sport world from here to Taiwan. It's almost as if bob Cousy, Bill Russell and Wilt have all been reincarnated in Lin. Detractors? Oh sure, like Floyd Mayweather, boxer and self-styled basketball know-it-all claiming the only reason Lin gets any pub is his ethnic heritage.
Well, other than the daily dose of puns using Lin's name, I'm all for the guy. The folks at Lists That Matter seem to be in his corner too (sorry for the boxing reference Mayweather). These pundits have noted that Lin's meteoric rise MUST be heralded by a new drinking game to replace the one they devised during Tebowmania.
I will post the URL so you can see the whole list, but here's a basic rundown: sitting in front of the game with a beer in hand (red Solo cup optional unless you are a country music fan), one must take a drink every time something notable dealing with Jeremy Lin happens. Here are but a few of the examples from the extensive list:
1. Take a drink every time Lin commits a turnover (39 in 5 seven games so far).
2. Take a drink every time his Asian descent or his massive Asian following is mentioned.
3. Take a drink every time a reference is made to Harvard.
4. Take a drink every time Lin's Christian beliefs are mentioned.
5. Take a drink every time Lin points heavenward in praise for having such glorious gifts.

All in all, there are a dozen or so of these "take-a-drink" instances.
Just be sure to watch the game in the living room rather than at a bar; it's a shorter distance to the floor from your couch than it is from a bar stool.


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