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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Slow Times in the Business World

I have always been under the assumption that Forbes magazine was devoted to the business of business, e.g. making money while others attempted to do so without sound financial information. But then, I always thought Playboy had interesting articles and Rolling Stone was all about the music. I guess the reading public's idea of news has changed.
For example, this week, Forbes published a list of the top 10 most hated professional athletes in this country. Huh? How is this related to business? Of course, I could be wrong about the focal point of this magazine: I've never read it because I didn't have any money. But I digress.
It seems that this list is the followup to a list published by the same magazine just four months ago. What gives? Who do they survey for their information? I would suspect that their readership is not the same as, say, Maxim's, who would be more likely to know the names of ten professional athletes. The point of the list seemed to be how the mighty have fallen since the fourth most-hated professional athlete was number one in the MOST favorite athlete category four months ago.
As I looked at the current list, I guess I could understand why voters would feel antagonistic towards the names on it, but HATE? Really? I would save that for someone I actually KNOW who has done a terrible injustice to me or someone/something close to me.
I HATE cold sores and having a cold.
I HATE getting up early in the morning when the bathroom floor is cold.
I HATE being late...though I don't HATE others who are...I am merely annoyed.
How could I HATE Michael Vick (#1 on the current most-hated list)? I think what he DID was awful, but he WAS punished and seems somewhat contrite now.
Kris Humphries? (#5) Nah, he got what he deserved for being a part of that whole reality wedding thing...more humorous than hateful, I'd say.
Ndomukong Suh? (falling from most popular to #4 on the hated list). Hey, if the guy he stomped on was willing to forgive, why should I hold a grudge?
Kurt Busch (#10). Seriously, a NASCAR driver?
LeBron James comes the closest to someone I could vilify on a regular basis...but only because he destroyed my grandson's love of Cleveland and the Cavs. But hate him? nope.
As the Dow creeps toward (gasp) 13,000, business must be booming so Forbes has to resort to snarky public opinion polls like the ones featured on every sports program these days.
I'll go back to reading Rolling Stone.


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