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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Even Socrates Was Convicted of Corrupting the Youth

As a moderate politically, I get assailed all the time from both sides, each lumping me inexorably with the other position on the spectrum. "My liberal friend" is a common moniker from my nearest neighbor who I would label beyond a doubt as a radical conservative. I mean, anyone who makes his five and ten-year-old children listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio cannot be considered anything less. If I was uncertain of that fact, his younger son left no doubt.
We normally take the boys to A&W to get a float just before school starts since they don't really have grandparents close by...this treat is followed by a hike in the woods around campus usually. This year, we wandered onto a trail recently completed buy the city along a little creek. The most convenient parking lot for the trail was in the parking lot of an elementary school whose sign of events was listed both in English and in Spanish. As we drove by, the younger one said, "We're at the Hispanic ghetto now." No need to ask where he got that information.
Anyway, we never rise to the bait tossed out by the parents, and we remain friendly though hardly friends. That's why the play date struck me as humorous.
I got a phone call from the dad the other day asking if I had time for a play date with the now 5-year old. He sees me in the yard throwing snow around for my yearly snow creation. Last week, he actually came over with a shovel and wanted to help. We also built him a little cave-like thing and generally had fun. As a result, he must think I'm just the most fun person to hang with because I got the call for a play date. Really. I almost burst out laughing at the dad when he actually used the phrase, "We would like to arrange a play date with you for Joe." (mind you, this little guy feels free to walk over to our house, walk inside and grab some candy since he knows where it is.) He IS a character, but a play date?
I would love to hear the instructions he's going to get from his parents when they send him over.
I'll have to think of something liberal to say like, "It looks like the snow is melting faster than Mitt Romney's chances of getting elected," or "Want a soda? We're all out of tea for the party."
But a moderate wouldn't do something like that.


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