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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Done In By the 'Net

I guess it continues to amaze me that individuals feel they have the power (and the right) to dictate morality to the rest of us, some of whom are actually capable of making our own decisions! Such folks use a "mandate" from a human agency to indicate to the rest of us what God wants us to if (S)He speaks directly to them and not to the rest of us misguided souls. Yes, I get that there are fringes out there, and I don't even want to give them credit for their myopic views of things, but my ire this week concerns two mainstream individuals, half a world apart, who have decided that they need to change the morality of the world based on what they want instead of taking into consideration what people need...some of us rational folks.
Maya Khan was a television personality in Pakistan until last week. She took it upon herself to accost two women walking through a park with questions like, "Why are you out here without male relatives?" and "Do your parents know what you're doing?" Now, Pakistan is a fairly conservative, mostly-Muslim country, and I get their religious beliefs, but for a newsperson to accost people on the street, in broad daylight, on camera questioning their morals simply made no sense to me. Her employers agreed, and today she is unemployed. I suggest that maybe there's a place for her as Karen Handel's assistant.
Handel, of course, is the vice president of Something-or-Other with the Susan G. Komen organization, and the driving force behind last week's embarrassment regarding funding for Planned Parenthood. Supposedly based on a Congressional investigation of abortion practices, Handel conveniently neglected to consider the more than 90% of PP's funds that go for health screenings and education of America's most needy population (but then she HAS great health insurance). this follows on the heels of the Congressman from Arizona who claimed that 90% of Planned Parenthood's funds went toward abortions...then, when faced with the actual facts, noted, "Well, it wasn't meant to be a factual statement."
Fortunately, the immediate hue and cry generated online foiled the dastardly plot before it got too far, but I suspect the organization is backpedalling faster than a point guard on a fast break...and will be for some time. Perhaps Ms. Handel could be of greater service in the mail room.
Yet these people can tell me and millions of others how we should live a moral life.
To heck (euphemism with them!


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