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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Good News/Bad news Sort of Thing

Neither of these guys looks like me!

I know some people who read nothing but nonfiction: biographies, how-to books or relationship/financial advice things. Many read travel books or conspiracy theorists who drone endlessly about what happened, whodunit, or what will happen in the upcoming days and months. Not me. While it is true that I am currently reading Hellhound on His Trail, a work that follows all the main participants and actions leading up to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., the truth is I'd rather escape to a life so unlike my own that I can completely lose myself in a miasma of make believe. And I have yet to discover how this can be harmful to me. Not so for those whose favorite escapist literature comes from the romance novel section at the local bookstore or library.
It seems that relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam has a serious warning for those who like such literature. In an essay published in the latest Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, Quilliam notes that when women readers of escapist fantasy such as romance novels confuse what they read with reality, they make some poor choices.
"Real life sex isn't always perfect, and relationships are not always smooth," Gilliam writes. Of course, one would think that to be such common knowledge that it would not even require a citation...however, she apparently deals with a significant number of women who cannot distinguish between Fabio and their real-life men; and when one considers that half of the novels bought in the western world are romance novels...and real sex education might take a couple of hours in a young girl's life...well, you can see the issue.
Quilliam did note, however, that in a 2009 survey, 75% of the women questioned indicated that as a result of regular reading of romance novels, they were encouraged to have sex more often, and they had more adventurous sex as well as more experimental sex.
I can't say that my current selection will provide any motivation of THAT sort...


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