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Thursday, June 16, 2011

As If Real News Wasn't Bad Enough!

Arab World Dissent? No, Hockey Fan

God knows that the world political and economic news is in the toilet. I cannot recall a time when so much was going badly for so many people with no real answers from anyone except diatribe concerning "their side" and "our side." Frankly, if I hear "trickle down" one more time, I'm going to implode. So, where to go to avoid this kind of frustration? I usually turn to the sports section of the online papers I read to regain some sense of normalcy. How about today? Let's see:

Rich owners and rich football players continue to argue about who needs more money at the fans' expense.

A college athlete is suspended after being arrested for driving 108 mph with a suspended license in a car rented by someone who works at the university where he plays.

Fans again commit larceny and burn vehicles following their team's loss in a hockey series.

A college athlete is arrested for boarding a plane with his pants sagging between his rear end and his knees and ignoring a request by the flight crew to "dress appropriately."

The wife of a player is attacked at a gas station after an almost-traffic incident with a man on a moped. It took two bystanders and several policemen to subdue the attacker while the woman's children sat by horrified.

NFL players are under suspicion of copyright infringement after wearing their team-issued jerseys in an advertisement for the opening of an adult-themed party...accompanied by several porn stars.

Control of the Mets can be had for $1 (some exclusions apply) after their owners got caught up in the recent Ponzi scheme scandal.

The only remaining outlet seems to be the comics least until October 21st.


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