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Monday, June 13, 2011

"As Bare As You Dare"

This is another one of those "Do I live in a cave?" moments...and thank God I've found out about it in time!. There's still time for you,too, thanks to my ever-vigilant (though often late) investigative work. Meet me in Madison, Wisconsin, this weekend for the ride of your life.
Lest I get too far ahead of myself, I need to explain that this weekend features the LAST Midwest region bike entertainment known as World Naked Bike Ride. If we miss it this weekend, we'll have to go somewhere else to get involved. "Why would I do that crazy thing, and what is it anyway," I hear you ask. Fortunately, I have the home page URL at the bottom of this post, and the event is not as sacrilegious as it seems.
Organized in 2004 and held in 33 countries and dozens of states in this country, the annual ride is designed to call attention to the "indecent exposure of people and the planet to cars and the pollution they create." I can go for that. Not even considering the the damage cars do to the bodies of riders as they crash into us, the effects of pollution are well-documented. It's time for all of us to mobilize.
Rides are generally scheduled to coincide with specific dates in both hemispheres though individual rides are allowed to schedule somewhere close to a general date. This year, the Southern Hemisphere rides were to take place as close to Saturday, March 12th as possible while the events in the colder Northern Hemisphere were to be scheduled as close to Saturday, June 11th as possible. For example, we just missed the ride in Chicago that was held last weekend. Fortunately, as I noted earlier, there is still this Saturday's ride in Madison.
Organizers invite you and me to "...join hundreds of naked compatriots in a free, non-sexual, fun bike ride," but there are no real rules to how naked one has to get...the motto "As Bare As You Dare" is totally apropos. Actually, a bigger emphasis is placed on costumes and bike decoration, and as far as I could tell, there was very little actual's more about the reason for the ride and raising awareness.
For more info, here's the URL:

See you in Madison this weekend!


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