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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Was Gene Kelly Singing? I Wouldn't Be.

Love is No Excuse

It occurred to me today that many of the things we could not wait to experience as youngsters become less-than-exciting as we morph into our adult selves. Sometimes, the changes occur with regard to major milestones: getting a driver's license, getting to that 21st (legal) birthday, actually earning money instead of begging Mom and Dad for it (and getting grilled about why we would NEED money at our age). Of course, the big event s like Christmas are seen through different filters as we discover the actual source of the gifts (and who has to pay for said gifts!)...same for Easter and birthdays. Being told for the first time that one is too old for Trick or Treating is a crushing blow, to say the least...but I think I am most disappointed by my reaction to rain.
Riding home from school on my bike today, careening trough vast water puddles, sliding sideways down a muddied trail, and having my glasses turned into 3-D specs in a 1-D world was, quite plainly, miserable. My clothes were soaked, my homework was in danger of becoming unreadable, and my bike was headed toward the eventual (and tedious) lube job. I think I swore to myself all the way home.
And I a kid, that would have been the greatest experience of the week! Instead of slowing for puddles, I would have sped up; on muddy stretches, I would have screamed an appropriate battle cry ("Spoon! as The Tick would have said) and looked for even more opportunities to plant myself upside down with wheel spinning and helmet awry (OK, so I didn't wear a helmet as a kid...only military types wore helmets then). I would have raced home, laughing hysterically, parked my bike, then made some paper boats to race down the swirling waters of the gutter floods that always accompanied such rainfalls.
Mom would not be pleased, but I would take any punishment she could mete out just for the simple joy of reveling in a rare opportunity to enjoy the rain.
My joy today involved the fact that I had covered my bike seat during the workday with a shower cap so it would be dry on the way home...and it was the ONLY thing dry when I got home.


At 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still love rain and puddles. I'm not a fan of cleaning the muddy floors after the kids come in from playing but there is something about a warm rain.

I really liked your writing on this one!


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