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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fundamentally Wrong...or Is It?

Marriage Encounter 2.0

In my opinion, fundamental believers of ANYTHING are somewhat myopic, choosing to view things from a single perspective and denying the possibility that another way might also be acceptable. As a result, I generally dismiss them out of hand in favor of a more moderate approach. Lest you think, however, that this applies to only fringe groups in this country, let me point out that even a place like Malaysia has folks living and dictating on the edge of reality...take the Obedient Wives Club, for example.
This fringe Muslim group in Malaysia is on a quest to alleviate problems of spousal abuse and sexual abuse of women in the form of prostitution...noteworthy goals indeed. The sticky part comes when the group explains just how it plans to go about this. But a caveat is in order first.
Remember that, although Malaysia is a Muslim country, it is a relatively moderate one: a country in which women have rights that extend to their ability to hold public office. In fact, there are women who DO hold key government positions. Just so you get the fact that this is not some "typical" radical state (whatever "typical means these days).
Anyway, the onus for change has been placed squarely on the backs of Malaysian women. The group posits, "Domestic violence and prostitution could be cured by teaching women to keep their men happy in the bedroom. Women should be better than first-class prostitutes." Uh, this is the point at which people start to squirm.
Human rights groups and religious groups have decried this movement as an insult to both men and women, according to a repoert from Jennifer Pak of BBC News. Sharizat Abdul Jolil, the Minister for Women in Malaysia, feels that the group's activities give both Islam and Malaysia a bad name.
As a postscript, this same group began a polygamy club two years ago.
Sounds like a group made up of men to me. Wonder how that would "play in Peoria."
This is a proverbial can of worms that I am happy to keep tightly closed.


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