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Friday, June 17, 2011

Feeling Entrepreneurial?

Every now and then, I think it would be fun to start up a project on a whim just to see how successful I could be. I'm sure that's how the Hearsts and Carnegies (Mellons, too, probably) of the world began. If it worked for them, why would it not work for me (investment capital and smarts notwithstanding)? My keen senses have discovered the perfect opportunity, and I have to jump on it before anyone else sees what a goldmine it is.
Face it: festivals are incredibly popular in this country. Every year, it seems like all cities, towns and burgs put on something that involves food and a parade...all centered around a historical event or something from local lore. It is in precisely this area that I intend to strike it rich. I'm headed to Boulder, Colorado, to take over Dead Guy Days.
Begun in 2001, this annual festival drew 15,000 people this year, but it has outgrown the local Chamber of Comemrce's ability to promote it, so the organization is willing to sell the rights to put on the festival. I don't know where Nederland is, but it's got to be near me a huge crowd potential.
The event celebrates the passing and subsequent (hopefully) revival of one Bredo Morstoel, a hardy Norwegian gentleman wo dies at 89 back in 1989 (coincidence? I think not). since 1993, he has been in a shed, packed with dry ice by his realtives who hope that medical science can one day revive him (can anyone say "Ted Williams"?) In case you'd like to attend this year's festival, you're too late: it is held in March. I, of course, would have it later to capitalize on the tourism dollar...after all, Bredo won't notice.
Events of the holiday include a parade of hearses, frozen salmon toss (shades of lutefisk, no doubt), and coffin races. The possibilities, though, are endless: the Grateful Dead could come back for something of a reunion of Formaldehyde and Seek would be popular, and swirls of fog crated by blowing air on mounds of dry ice sculpted for the occasion to commemorate moments of Bredo's life...did I say "endless"? Wow.
Get ready to see the money start rolling in...Boulder, here I come.


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