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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Law & Order South of the Border

Women never travel light!

I have become a carry-on traveler. I absolutely refuse to take more on a trip than I can pack in one carry-on bag and my backpack. Of course, that means doing a bit of washing of unmentionables during a prolonged visit away from home, but that's not usually a problem. Of course, wheeled luggage has made all of that bustling through airports a bit easier, especially since I usually take the gentlemanly approach and drag my sweetie's carry-on as well...of course, hers has 50 pounds of lead weight in it so carrying it would be impossible, anyway. But struggling with bulky travel bags can be annoying.
Just ask Maria del Mar Arjona.
It seems that she was leaving a jail in Chotumal, Mexico, following a conjugal visit with her incarcerated husband when guards noticed she was struggling a bit with the weighty bag. Now, any gentleman would have simply helped her maneuver the bag out to the car, but her demeanor appeared a bit more frustrated than your normal TSA-harrassed flyer so authorities checked her bag...and found her husband curled up inside. Can you believe that? Not that she tried to smuggle the guy out but that he could fit inside that bag! If I were to try to contort myself like that, you would have to break me apart at the knees, hips and neck to get me to fit. Of course, in my case, authorities would be tipped off right away since my wife almost NEVER trundles along with her own luggage!
Needless to say, the pregnant, 19-year-old wife will be delivering the child in the crowbar hotel (sad to say).
For a darker view of what happens in Mexican jails, a video camera caught folks dressed like policemen as they released 50+ people from a jail in Mexico. They simply walked in wearing uniforms and carry guns and walked out with half a hundred former prisoners. As far as I know, no shots were fired though the story running on the BBC really didn't elaborate much.
Mexico is definitely a strange place on the law-and-order front.


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