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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Next "It" Treat

This Is "It"

It is possible that the days of the cupcake are over. What? You never knew they were here in the first place? Philistine! I know about such things because I read a lot, but mainly because I visit Chicago regularly to visit my granddaughter...and the last weekend, I think I discovered the next "it" treat.
It seems every now and then, an "it" treat is popular. To define such a thing, one must first begin with an explosion of sugar. These treats are not salty or sour: they're sweet. Ice cream is a staple, but it's so, so 1950. It morphed into a treat mixed on a frozen rock with dozens of toppings. But who goes to those places any more? As a result, every now and then, something else comes along. For the longest time, it was the cupcake. Shops that sold nothing but 35 flavors of cupcake proliferated, and folks, including me, rushed to snatch them up. They were tasty, but a bit small for my appetite. so, I ate a couple, mixing flavors. For a while, gourmet cookies were the thing. I ate a couple of raspberry/jalapeno ones and was gratified., despite the rather pricey nature. As the cupcake wanes a bit, the race is on to replace it in the hearts, minds and mouths of epicures everywhere.
Here are some of the would-be nouveau treats:
The Los Angeles Weekly suggests bread pudding. Would that be in a cup, with a spoon? Seems unlikely.
The Food Channel opines that miniature pies are the next big thing. Seems like Hostess makes those already...the kind that leaves a film on the roof of ones mouth as a reminder of the preservative and fad-laden treat. (try the chocolate cream!)
Someone with time and a blog on her hands took an informal poll and found that 16% of her respondents voted the funnel cake as the next "it" snack, Inhaling powdered sugar is a lung-collapser. I avoid these things at every fair I attend for this reason.
Bon Apetit, the magazine for the true foodie, suggests that the macaron is what will be happening very soon. About the size of an Oreo, there is a coating with different flavors inside; frosting is in the Middle of this delicate, fancy treat. Looking to try one? Starbucks and Whole Foods Markets are current purveyors. I got mine this past weekend at a Chicago bakery.
Resisting the urge to throw the whole thing in my mouth at once, I took a couple of ladylike nips, and found that they were tasty, delicately flavored morsels that were quite pleasant. Unfortunately, the size is a limiting factor since a half dozen disappeared in no time.
Still looking for the next "it" food? I am, but there's nothing featuring bacon yet.


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