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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Putting Semiconductor Material In A Body

Get out you periodic tables chart and try to identify this metalloid:
It is found in the earth's crust
It is useful because it bonds easily with other materials
It does not conduct temperature.
It is an electrical semiconductor.It is used to make clay and bricks for construction.
It is essential in electronic equipment.It is the basis for grease, caulk and wax.
It can be molded into toys like Gumby or Silly Putty.
Not surprisingly, it can kill you if it gets into your body.
Surprisingly, people continue to inject it in liquid form...and die.

With those hints, I hope you were able to come up with "silicone," since that is the correct answer. I noticed it because a second person in the last month has died after having it injected into her body...this time in an attempt to get more "bootylicious." Unfortunately, the result seemed to follow the same pattern as the fatality in New York in 2009 in which the injection created a pulmonary embolism which entered the lungs and caused death.
Just last month, a German actress Carolin Berger wanted the more traditional placement of the material so she could move out of the 34F category into the 34G category (her sixth "enhancement") and subsequently died...and I believe this happened either during the operation or very soon thereafter.
At least three deaths in the last year would definitely make ME sit up and take notice. But then,maybe guys don't feel the urgent need to recreate themselves.
Still, potential death deters me from doing a lot of things I might otherwise do.


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