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Friday, February 04, 2011

It's That Time Again, But Two Are Missing

In a move guaranteed to send dismay rippling throughout at least part of the country, the Girl Scouts are giving the heave-ho to a couple of varieties as they begin their annual campaign. Fortunately, there are only twelve regions of the country that will not get to select Dulce de Leche or Thank U Berry Munch varieties. Living in the Midwest means we will have the full complement of choices again this year. The tightening of the choice belt is not related to the economy, according to reps of the Girl Scouts: it is simply a matter that people did not buy enough of the two varieties to make continuation feasible. That means it's on us. I'll admit my part: I never had either of them, especially the one that substitutes a letter for an actual word! Lazy grammar counts against you as far as I'm concerned. Yes, that's right, I still spell out everything when I text people and refuse to get a Twitter account simply because I would be forced to write like seventh-grade girls in "luv." Not happening.
While sales of those two kinds of cookie have been negligible, the GSA money-maker is a juggernaut: last year, more than 200 million boxes of cookies were sold, bringing in 714 million dollars to the various troupes. What started in somebody's kitchen in 1917 (first commercially distributed in 1935) has become so much a part of Americana that our government should take a look at how the girls manage to succeed while we get mired in debt.
And you get one guess as to which cookie is the most often sold.
I like the Samoa because it has coconut.
I like the peanut butter one because, well, I like peanut butter.
And I like the thin mint ones because I can shove a whole one in my mouth at once and savor it.
Most sold?

Thin Mint.


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