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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grand Theft Hilarity: The Joke's On Us.

Let's say you were arrested for DUI in connection with an accident and suspicious drug activity. Probably probation for a first-time offense. Then, you fail a drug test during that probation...and avoid jail time by going to rehab for three months As you emerge, the judge indicates that you WILL serve 180 days in jail if you break the rules of your probation before your next hearing...
then, you walk out of a jewelry story with a $2500 necklace drooping suspiciously from your adam's apple. Grand theft...serious jail time, right?
Well, when you get to court, the judge doesn't really buy (so to speak) your story that "the store loaned me the necklace to wear as an advertisement." (though, in reality, TJ MAXX wouldn't even do that for you or me). Then, the judge decides to get stern as he notes, "Please don't push your luck, I am telling you. Things will be different" as your lawyer begins to negotiate a plea deal that will mean no jail time at all.
Would this happen to you or me? Not a chance. We're not a quasi-famous Hollywood personality. This causes me to wonder if there's not a different law school for judges who practice in California where the outlandish is commonplace. But then, several questions arise:
Would all celebrities get this kind of treatment? I would venture to say they would (and have). After all, it's "normal" behavior for Hollywood types.
Would a person of color in Hollywood get special treatment...I mean a person NOT named Bobby Brown?
Is Justice really blind or just tired of the never-ending struggle with stupid people who think they are invincible.
Well, OJ got absolved of the murder charge in California...but not on the criminal activity in Las Vegas, giving credence to the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" line.
Would a poor person get away with any of those acts? Nope. That's why our prisons are full of poor people...and people without expensive attorneys in Hollywood.
And all this by age 24. What's the rest of this girl's life going to be? My guess?
Very short.


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