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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

And People Say Teens Are Dumb?


I am dumbfounded yet again. Maybe it's just that technology is run amok and people just don't know how to handle it. Maybe, like teenagers, EVERYONE has decided that "it can't happen to me." Maybe we've just all turned into idiots when we have instant access to a camera and online posting. Maybe things like social networking and Craigslist are part of inhabitants of one of those faraway galaxies just discovered (who are, invariably, looking for new places to replace their dying planet) plan to lead us all to ruin. Seriously, I don't know, but it's quite perplexing.
Remember when we had a president who, uh, took liberties with an intern? WE found out about it, and it didn't help that his only real explanation (finally...after leaving office) was "I did it because I COULD." Or the more recent exploits of a certain pro football player who was certain we'd never find out and if we did, he'd get a pass (so to speak) because of his boyish charm.
Last year, it was a Congressman who groped a male aide. We found out about it.
Don't those people read the papers?
Today, Representative Chris Lee of New York resigned his seat and issued an apology to all the people he'd hurt...yada, yada, yada (somebody should take out a patent on such speeches), because he was dumb enough to post a shirtless picture of himself on a Craigslist site. Tasteless, yes, but here's a man who has a family and is entrusted with the fate of his Congressional District...and he's a liar to boot. And we found out about it.
Lee responded to a personal ad in the "women seeking men" section from a woman asking why "all the men on CL look like toads." He explained the shirtless photo of himself as "the only one I had" Seriously. He described himself as a "fit, fun and classy guy. You won't be disappointed." Of course, he also noted that he was 39 (he's 46) and that he worked as a "lobbyist."
The only smart one in this scenario was the unnamed woman who went to the internet to check out this guy before committing to anything. (Didn't he EVER Google himself?). Upon finding out about Lee's shenanigan's, the woman dropped him like he was hot. Smart woman.
Now, he's left with the shambles of his political career, though all is not lost. He might end up as a political pundit like the former hooker-consorting New York governor who now spouts forth on cable, hoping we'll take him seriously and not giggle every time he shows his face.
Wait a minute...
Both congressmen and the former governor have something in common: they are ALL from the Empire State!
Wow...that's a relief to know such idiocy is a regional thing like marrying first cousins in certain states. For a minute there, I thought we'd been subjected to some type of ray from outer space that turned us all into sex-crazed, lobotomized freakazoids.
On the other hand, sites like TMZ only go searching for celebrities. Perhaps this IS more widespread than I imagined.
And if presidents and football players aren't immune, is there hope for the rest of us?


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